SHE IS SIGNIFICANT - FUNDRAISER to fight Human Trafficking

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~Fundraiser to fight Human Trafficking~

CrossFreedom is partnering on this fundraiser with She is Significant to raise money to support efforts by the Jenna Mckaye foundation to fight human trafficking.

She is Significant is a faith based women’s Facebook group that encourages women of all ages to live the life God created for them. Part of their mission is to inspire others to realize their significance by supporting those organizations that are making a difference in someone's life.

Those who fight to rescue victims of human trafficking, educate government and community institutions,  and facilitate emergency sheltering and long term recovery programs for survivors are champions. One such champion and survivor is Jenna McKaye, founder of the Jenna McKaye Foundation. 

We are proud to support McKaye who is on the front lines of advocating for victims of human trafficking by providing victim services, continued education, counseling, and after-care therapy services. McKaye utilizes equine assisted therapy (EAT) to promote physical and emotional growth in survivors. All of the proceeds from your purchase will go to supporting the Jenna Mackay Foundation and the survivors of human trafficking. 

Jenna McKaye is a survivor of human trafficking with an incredible life story she now shares through advocacy groups throughout the US. McKaye's extraordinary journey offers hope that inspires others through education and training. She continues to train hospital staff, law enforcement and other professionals how to identify victims of sex trafficking and labor trafficking and respond with victim centered care. Her personable keynote speaking engagements leave a notable impression among a variety of audience demographics including the United Nations. In 2016, Jenna started the Jenna McKaye Foundation to engage in a broader advocacy training model. Visit for upcoming news/events and details on her soon to be published book.


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