TOUGHER THAN DIXIE - Fundraiser for Riley's Jerky

**THIS IS A PRE-ORDER** We are running this sale until 12/10/2021. We will print and ship the shirts after order closing.

**THIS IS A FUNDRAISER** We are supporting a fellow small business, Riley's Jerky, owned by the Bentz family in Greenville, California. Riley's Jerky was one of the small businesses that that was destroyed by the Dixie Fire in Northern California. Merciless in its path of destruction, the massive fire wiped out the town of Greenville, including the 40+ year old family owned and operated jerky business. Please join us in supporting their rebuilding efforts. We are donating $10 per shirt sold and $5 per hat sold, giving our donation directly to the Bentz Family at the conclusion of the sale. 

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